Letter of Recommendation

   Job Reference — Food Service


I strongly recommend ______________ for employment as a member of your wait staff. He has done an excellent job here at _____________ Restaurant, and we were sorry to hear that his schooling is taking him out of the region.

__________________ was a welcome addition to our staff from day one, and during the 18 months he has worked here he's distinguished himself as a quick learner, diligent worker and overall bright young man. He was never once late for a shift, and often stepped forward to cover the shifts of other waiters and waitresses who were in a bind.

He was also intuitive in his interactions with our customers, finding just the right balance of friendliness and service without being imposing. Our guests routinely ask for ____________ by name.

______________ has a pleasant, even temperament and keeps his cool in even the most stressful situations. On one especially busy night, during which two other servers called in sick, I remember _______________ fielding a dozen tables at once, keeping every customer satisfied. He made it all look effortless; I don't think his apron even ruffled!

Were he to return to the Tri-County area, I would hire ____________ back in an instant. Waiters like him are few and far between.

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