Letter of Recommendation

   Internship Recommendation Letter


I am writing because ____________ deserves strong consideration for your newspaper's internship program.

I am the faculty adviser to the ____________ University student newspaper and I also teach reporting and editing courses. She has been on the weekly's staff for the past four semesters, and has moved up to roles of increasing responsibility during that time. Most recently, she has been serving as campus editor, in charge of coordinating the campus section, assigning stories, coaching a staff of reporters, editing the section, and supervising layout and design.

It seems as if ___________ lives at the newspaper office. I can't remember a time when I stopped by and she wasn't there working on something. Her grasp of journalism concepts and her critical thinking skills are so developed that I often forget that she is a student and think of her as a colleague. In that same vein, ______________ is a shining example of the future of journalism. While holding tight to traditional ethical ideals, she has also embraced technology, and is well-versed in the latest multi-media techniques and other online applications. She will be a superstar at any newspaper lucky enough to land her.

_______________ is not just a superior student editor; she possesses the skills of an emerging investigative journalist. Last year, her series on the university administration's hush-hush plans to outsource food services (to the great economic detriment to the local business community) resulted in mainstream press coverage, the reversal of the administration's decision and an award from the Society of Student Journalists.

_______________ is one of the brightest and best young journalists to come through our program in recent years, and I am exceptionally proud of her. She will truly be a worthwhile intern.

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