Letter of Recommendation

   Immigration Character Reference


I highly recommend ______________ for consideration for the National Interest Waiver in his application for U.S. immigration. I am the head of the research committee for the biology department at ________________ and I can personally attest to ____________'s importance as a citizen to any country.

While _____________ has had no job offers yet, he has made some extraordinary contributions to the field of molecular biology in the past five years. His discovery in ____________ led to the production of _______________ and advanced the research in _____________ by at least a decade. He is one of our department's sharpest minds and hardest workers, and he will make great progress in the field wherever he works.

____________ is a talented man, but also an upstanding citizen. In my ___________ years of working with him I have known him to always been polite and friendly, with the strictest adherence to rules and safety. He has never been arrested nor accused of any infractions. He will be missed here, but I believe that he will do your country the greatest service.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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