Letter of Recommendation

   Housesitter Recommendation

Dear {Name}:

I recommend with full confidence ____________ as a housesitter. _________ has been watching my home during vacations and other absences for _________ years, and everything has gone smoothly.

I have no reservations about entrusting _________ with my house key. Additionally, my property has never been damaged under her care and I have had no complaints from neighbors.

_________ doesn't blink at any of my special requests and has skillfully dealt with issues that have come up while housesitting, such as a clogged sink and a minor security issue. The house is always tidy upon my return, and the mail is neatly stacked for my perusal. _________ even goes above and beyond by ___________________. The peace of mind I get from hiring _________ is worth every penny.

There's no one else I trust with my pets. _________ makes sure the fish are fed and the cat is petted. Sometimes I think my cat likes _________ more than me!

Please don't hesitate to contact me at _________ if you have any questions.

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