Letter of Recommendation

   Housemate Reference Letter


It is my pleasure to recommend _______________ as a housemate. She and I roomed together in New York for two years, and the experience was entirely positive.

______________ is a patient, amicable person who never caused any stress as a roommate. She kept her area neat and clean while also contributing to overall household chores. She's also a great cook. _______________ rarely keeps late hours, and if she were to come in late, she was always appropriately quiet and courteous. Yet __________ is by no means boring. I enjoyed her company socially and she is a friend to this day.

Unlike others with whom I have shared living quarters in the past, ___________ was always on top of the rent, utilities and other shared bills. She never needed to be reminded that rent was due, and she never came up short on the money. She has a great job and a college degree.

I feel grateful that I had __________ as a roommate and would never hesitate to urge others to room with her.

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