Letter of Recommendation

   Foreign Exchange Recommendation Letter

I am writing to recommend _____________ for acceptance into your foreign exchange program to _____________. Not only is _____________ more than prepared for the stresses of living abroad, her experiences and personal achievements will allow her to thrive in this environment.

_____________ has been interested in the language and culture of _____________ for over _____________ years. As her _____________ teacher, I have seen her progress in the language over time. I believe that immersion will improve her fluency and allow her to pursue a career in the field of _____________.

In addition to her commitment to this time abroad, _____________'s maturity and spotless academic record will allow her to make the most of this experience and fit in well abroad.

If you have any questions about _____________, feel free to contact me by email at _____________. I would be more than happy to recommend her further for your program.

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