Letter of Recommendation

   Fired Coworker Recommendation

Dear {Name}:

I recommend without reservation my former colleague, ____________. During the time we shared a shift, his work was top-tier and his demeanor was always pleasant.

____________ mentioned that the fact that he was fired from ABC Company may be hurting his chances at employment. I'm writing to provide insight into the situation for which I had a front-row seat. In short, ____________ should not have been fired. His transgression was minor yet according to the strict rules of the company it was determined that termination was warranted. Everyone at the job site, including supervisors, was horrified. Our immediate boss, ____________, tried to intervene but to no avail. Perhaps even more significantly, three of our colleagues quit in protest. After ____________ departed, company rules were revised and the matter is no longer a firing offense. Honestly, several of us urged ____________ to pursue legal action, but he said that's "not his style."

____________ is an honest, dedicated worker with 15 years' experience in the Widget field. If you hire him, I guarantee he will be an asset to your company. We miss his contributions to our team every day. If you'd like to hear more, or reach out to other former coworkers, please call ____________.

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