Letter of Recommendation

   Fellowship Recommendation Letter


I am writing to recommend _____________ for the _______________ Fellowship. I have been his professor in three courses over the last three semesters here at _______________ University.

_______________ has been a joy to have in class. Never content to settle for conventional wisdom on anything, ________________ repeatedly displayed his curiosity and dedication by taking on independent research and starting good-natured debates in class. If I assigned a chapter as "optional reading," you can bet ___________ read it. Still, ___________ is remarkably humble. He is a good listener, both thoughtful and open to new perspectives.

Along with his many academic achievements, _________________ has been involved in several extracurricular activities, from the university lacrosse team to serving as a volunteer on the Up All Night Fundraising Drive.

I am proud of ________________'s accomplishments at our university, and am confident he will excel in the fellowship program. It excites me to think of the impact _____________ will have in our field.

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