Letter of Recommendation

   Dog Care Recommendation

Dear {Name}:

If you're looking for the perfect dog walker or petsitter, ____________ is your answer!

____________ has been caring for our three rowdy pups (two Boston terriers and a pug) for a year now, and they just love her. They are so excited when we answer the door and it's ____________ coming to "babysit."

The dogs are walked regularly under ____________'s care. They are fed on schedule and kept well-groomed, including our pug, Pugsly's, stubborn wrinkles. She texts us pictures of their daily doings. Our pets never lack for attention and it's clear ____________, who also works as a vet tech, loves animals whole-heartedly.

We trust her with our house key and our car. Our veterinarian has been notified that _________________ is empowered with authorizing any needed care. Honestly, we think of _________________ as a third "parent" to our pups.

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