Letter of Recommendation

   Doctor Referral Recommendation

To _______________,

I was so sorry to hear of your diagnosis of _______________. You will be in our thoughts and prayers as you travel along this difficult journey. I'm finally on the other side of it, and I hope that you can see me as both a friend and a resource in the coming months.

Please forgive the bluntness of this letter, but time is of the essence. I wasted too much time in search of a doctor who understood the dynamics of my particular case. If I understand correctly, you also are faced with _______________.

You simply must consult with Dr. _______________. Of all the advice people will be throwing at you, and I know it's overwhelming, please take it from someone who has been there. This is the medical professional who can treat you with empathy while attacking _______________ aggressively.

Don't hesitate to call or text if you'd like to hear more about the doctor, or if you just need a shoulder to cry on.



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