Letter of Recommendation

   Custody Letter of Recommendation from Professional

I am writing to recommend _____________ for sole custody of his ____ children. As the children's former au pair, I have seen first-hand the wonderful care _____________ takes of his children, and the neglectful and harmful behavior demonstrated by his partner, _____________.

I served as the children's au pair between _____________ and _____________. During this time, _____________ was always present and supportive of his children, which included monitoring my performance. In contrast, _____________ was never around, and showed no interest in her children. Additionally, she was often intoxicated and verbally abusive toward the children.

While I am no longer the children's au pair, I do still care greatly for their well-being. I hope you will see fit to grant _____________ full custody. If you have any additional questions, please contact me at _____________.

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