Letter of Recommendation

   Culinary School Recommendation

Dear {Name}:

It is my pleasure to whole-heartedly recommend ___________________ for your Culinary School. I have known ___________________ since he was a freshman at Anytown High School, where I am an administrator and student counselor. When __________________ matriculated, there were no cooking classes of any kind. Due to his enthusiasm and dedication, our school now has a culinary class, a student-run garden, and a special nutrition course, all of which were inspired or spear-headed by _________________ himself.

__________________ was already a wonderful chef when he came to us, having taken ______ courses in Nutritional Cooking and Allergen Prevention training. He often brought in treats he made from home to share with students and staff, and he had the most imaginative and tasty improvisational cooking style. We were all wowed by his lemon ricotta cupcakes, his vegan paella, and his almond raspberry soufflé. He has clearly spent years honing his craft and is ready to take the next step toward a career as a chef.

In addition to his talent with a whisk, ________________ has always been an empathetic and generous person. His willingness to share his talent and culinary creations with others knows no bounds. He has never let his extracurricular interests get in the way of his schoolwork either, and he has pulled off a 3.6 GPA while also excelling in basketball.

_______________ is a talented, well-rounded individual, and I cannot recommend him highly enough.

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