Letter of Recommendation

   Criminal Court Character Reference — Family


I am writing to vouch for the character of my daughter, _________________, who faces criminal sentencing before your court.

My daughter has indeed strayed off the path that I had hoped for her, but I remain convinced that she possesses the desire and determination to learn from this experience and move in a positive direction with her life. She has a large and committed support system in me and her entire family. If she is incarcerated, we will be there for here when she is released. If you see fit to suspend her sentence, we will do everything in our power to help ___________ in her heartfelt desire to return to a positive lifestyle.

______________ is the type of person who would give you the shirt off her back. When she was in fifth grade, she came home from school crying because she had met a little girl who brought nothing but plain white bread in her sack lunch because that's all her family could afford. My daughter gave the girl her lunch money and went hungry that day. This is just one example of many times throughout her life that __________ has shown empathy and good character.

I consider myself to be an excellent judge of character, and in fact I am the executive director of a nonprofit that assists at-risk youth. I can tell when someone is being sincere in their desire to change, or to account for wrongdoing, and I am certain this is the case with my daughter.

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