Letter of Recommendation

   Criminal Court Character Reference — Coworker


I am writing in regard to ________________. I have known _______________ for three years, because we have been working side-by-side in ______________ factory.

I have always found _____________ to be of good moral character. While we are on the line working he talks about his wife and kids all the time. In fact, he asked to have his shift changed so he could get off in time for his son's soccer games.

Unlike many of our coworkers, ____________ is rarely late to work and always arrives with a smile on his face, brightening up the day for the rest of us. He is a hard worker and a quick learner.

____________ is a peaceful, gentle man. One time a couple of the workers started arguing and it would have escalated into a full-on fistfight if _______________ hadn't gotten the two of them to talk it out.

I am proud to know ____________ and would be happy to testify on his behalf in person if necessary.

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