Letter of Recommendation

   Court Letter of Recommendation

I am writing to implore you for leniency for _____________. I am _____________'s _____________, and therefore know her very well. While I am greatly saddened to hear of _____________'s crime, I know that _____________ is full of remorse and will be fully compliant with any rehabilitation measures.

I have known _____________ for over _____________ years. During that time, I unfortunately witnessed the difficulties _____________ experienced dealing with _____________. While I know her heart is in the right place, the actions she has conducted are inexcusable.

I believe this trip through the court system has been an incredible wake up call. She has already begun taking classes to help her improve _____________. Placing her in jail would merely derail these efforts, and would effectively curtail any chance _____________ has of recovery. So, in the interest of rehabilitation, I implore you to consider a lenient sentence without jail time for _____________. I, like many members of _____________'s family, will ensure that she receives the support and treatment she needs.

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