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Dear {Name}:

I know that teachers aren't supposed to play favorites, but there is no getting around the fact that ____________ is special. She's exceptional in so many ways that transcend academics; my hope is that in this letter I can give a small glimpse into her character not just as a student but as a human being.

____________ stood out as one of the most inquisitive students in my freshman English class. Her letter grade was average, but her essays and thought processes were superior. I remember thinking that with improved study skills, she could excel academically.

Little did I know that ____________had little time to study and no positive role models at home. With her mother addicted to drugs and her father working nights, ____________ was tasked with the everyday care of her four younger siblings. She also held down a job working under the table as a maid, sometimes as late as 2 a.m. That she was able to stay awake in class is an achievement in itself.

____________ problems at home were unknown to school staff until the arrest of her father two years ago for strong-armed robbery. He was a repeat offender and justice was swift.

In hindsight, I wish my colleagues and I had been more attentive to her personal situation. In the time since, I've met her foster parents and they are kind and caring. She and her siblings are seeing a psychologist. The school guidance counselor ____________ is helping her with the college application process, including securing waivers for testing fees and application charges. Most significantly, ____________ herself has gained the confidence needed to succeed as a first-generation college student and live independently, making healthy choices.

____________ has overcome myriad obstacles in her quest for an education. Being accepted to the college of her choice is the next step in that pursuit. Please give her application the utmost consideration.

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