Letter of Recommendation

   College Recommendation Letter — Honors Student


I would like to recommend _________________ for admission to the university's undergraduate program. As her Advanced Placement English teacher, I have had the opportunity to witness her many scholarly achievements as well as her remarkable character.

_______________ is a high achiever academically, but she also possesses many natural talents. She is able to apply her natural gifts in a range of applications, and I ultimately see her really making a difference in society.

She has been a pleasure to have in class, tackling all assignments with gusto. She is currently enrolled in eight courses (our high school has a "zero period" program), including three advanced placement classes, but she has never complained or asked for an extension on a project. Her organizational skills are unmatched in someone her age; I envy ____________ her ability to juggle so much.

______________ will be graduating as one of the top five in her class; I won't be surprised if she is named salutatorian or even valedictorian. If you're seeking a top student with the character and dedication to excel in college, ___________ is truly one of will rise to the occasion.

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