Letter of Recommendation

   College Application Recommendation Letter 2


Please strongly consider accepting ______________ into your freshman class.

I have had the distinct pleasure of having ______________ in my advanced placement history classes two years in a row. He is truly a standout student.

He possesses critical thinking skills beyond his years. While in my class, he was always respectful, yet had a knack for challenging the class' collective thinking, as well as my own. Sometimes, when the bell rang, no one wanted to leave because we were all so deep into a passionate discussion sparked by ___________'s curiosity.

____________ is generous and kind, and is the furthest from self-centered that I can imagine. For example, _____________ has been leading the after-school study group for the Advanced Placement History Exam, and is as committed to his classmates' success as he is his own.

He is also an accomplished athlete, having lettered in both basketball and baseball. Despite traveling year-round for team sports, ______________ never once turned in an assignment late.

Granting ____________ admission is an investment in the future.

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