Letter of Recommendation

   College Admissions Recommendation Letter — Disadvantaged Student


I am writing in support of ________________, who has long aspired to attend your fine university. I am her advanced placement English teacher and also the advisor for the school yearbook, of which she is the editor this year.

I'm sure you can see from her transcripts that _______________ is a high achiever with excellent grades and a wide range of extracurricular interests. However, this does not paint a complete picture of ________________ as a student and as a person.

______________________ is not focused on her own self-interest. She has repeatedly shown herself to be a compassionate, dedicated individual with the interests of the entire community at heart. This year she coordinated the campus food drive, tutored freshman in the remedial English class and was elected class treasurer.

I'm not sure how ______________'s family background has played into her personal drive, but I feel it worthy of mention that she has faced some real obstacles during the past two years. Her father died suddenly, and her mother is now raising two college-bound teenagers alone. ___________ is one of the few students in our school's rigorous advanced placement program who is simultaneously preparing for college and holding down a 20-hour-a-week job to help support her family.

I am positive that ______________ will be an asset to your university, and will employ the same dedication and focus there that she has in high school.

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