Letter of Recommendation

   Catsitter Recommendation

Dear {Name}:

My only hesitancy in recommending ____________ as a catsitter is that I want her all to myself!

____________ has been watching our sweet tabby, Mr. Stripes, for the past two years. They have officially bonded! ____________ makes sure that he is well-fed (but not TOO well-fed), that his water is fresh, and that his litter box is clean and tidy. She also makes time to actively play with Mr. Stripes, as he is a bundle of energy.

I especially appreciate that _____________ is flexible with her time, and has been willing to check in more than once a day, or even stay overnight. One time, I didn't leave enough cat food and she happily picked some up at the store.

I didn't hesitate to make ____________ a copy of our house key. She's happy to bring in the mail, roll out the garbage cans, and other duties more suited to a housesitter than a catsitter.

Please let me know if you'd like any more details about _________ and her superior catsitting skills! My number is: ____________.

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