Letter of Recommendation

   Brag Sheet


Contact Information
Full Name: __________________________
Address: ___________________________
Phone No.: ___________________________
Family Members in Household: __________________________
Father's Name: ___________________________ Occupation: ___________________________
Mother's Name: ___________________________ Occupation: ___________________________
Number of Siblings: ___________________________ Age of Siblings: ___________________________
Annual Family Income: ___________________________ Government Support Received: ___________________________
Family Members who Attended(ed) College: ___________________________
Ethnic Background(s): ___________________________ Nationality: ___________________________
Family Members Born Abroad: ___________________________
Cumulative GPA: ___________________________ Class Ranking: ___________________________
Anticipated Major: ___________________________ Anticipated Career: ___________________________
Favorite Class and why: ___________________________
Least Favorite Class and why: ___________________________
Most Challenging and why: ___________________________

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