Letter of Recommendation

   Boss Recommendation

Dear {Name}:

It's a bit of a role reversal to recommend one's boss for a job, but that's exactly what we are doing. ____________ told our team he's vying for the position at ABC Company, and after we got over our initial mourning period we banded together to write this letter of recommendation.

____________ is a great boss, but moreover he is an asset to any company that has the privilege of bringing him on as a leader. This year alone, ____________ led us to secure a dozen new clients, including the lucrative Widgets Corp. contract. Company bigwigs and shareholders will sure be scrambling to find a suitable replacement!

Please don't let this recommendation insinuate that ____________ "goes easy" on people. He lays out what needs to be done and holds us to it. He doesn't suffer fools well, and that's to his credit. ____________ possesses the mythical combination of commanding respect and admiration. It's no cliché: Our loss will be your gain.

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