Letter of Recommendation

   Adoption Reference Letter — Religious


It is my pleasure to recommend that a baby be placed with _________ and __________ for adoption. The ______________s and I have attended the same church for six years, and during that time I have had a chance to observe their strong moral and spiritual values as well as their long struggle with infertility.

When I heard that _________ and __________ felt led to adopt a child, my heart was filled with joy. No couple I know deserves to be parents as much as these two. They are loving, patient, attentive and thoroughly committed to one another.

This couple takes every opportunity to enrich children's lives, from serving as teen youth group leaders at our church to, in the case of ___________, volunteering as a Big Brother.

They are also financially secure, with ____________ holding a high-level job at ___________ and ______________ established as a ______________, working from home.

Their strong faith has seen them through some tough times, and now it seems their dreams are about to come true. I pray every day that it is so.

Please know that if ___________ and ____________ are able to adopt a baby, not only they will treasure this precious gift, but the child would be blessed to be part of such a loving home.

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