Letter of Recommendation

   Adoption Reference Letter


This letter is to wholeheartedly recommend my daughter, _______________, and her husband, ______________ as adoptive parents.

My daughter has dreamed of having children since she was a little girl, and even with her own siblings she took on an age-appropriate caretaker role, always looking out for her little brother and sister. She was the only one who could talk her brother down from a meltdown, or get her sister to eat her vegetables.

As for ______________, I could not ask for a better son-in-law. He is smart, sensitive and a great provider. At family events, he is always down on the ground playing with his little nieces and nephews. He has a natural gift for relating to children on their own level and never condescends to them.

They are both upbeat, optimistic people and lead active lifestyles, enjoying hiking, fishing and getting away from it all at our family cabin at a lake. Our grandchildren love it at the cabin, and we can't wait to have a new addition to this loving family.

If anyone is in a position to adopt a child, it is __________ and ___________. They truly deserve to be parents, and any child would be lucky to have them in their life.

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