Letter of Recommendation

   Actor Recommendation From Director

Dear {Name}:

I recommend ____________ for your production, without reservation.

I have had the pleasure of directing ____________ at Anytown Community Theater in three musicals and one play. He was unequivocally the best Sweeney, the best Phantom, and the best Harold Hill this town has ever seen. I also watched him perform in ____________ and was similarly impressed.

____________ is a superior actor and bookends natural talent with skills in dance and vocal expression. Also, not insignificantly, he is easy to work with, displaying astonishingly little arrogance. He is always prepared for auditions, takes direction well, and lifts other performers up rather than taking on a competitive attitude.

I'm proud to have played a part in ____________'s burgeoning theater career. My only regret is that his success makes it less likely that I'll have the good fortune to work with him in the future.

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